Tuesday 25 December 2018

Nisan, Mayıs, Haziran - 2018

Elora - This planet is weird.
Ben - Do you know other ones?
Elora - No
Ben - Why is it weird?
Elora - Because it is sometimes hot sometimes cold.

Elora - Put on a song so I can tepiş

Ben - Afferim o kadar yol yuruduk hic foslamadin
Elora - Yeahh but my legs are melting

Ben - What are these
Elora - They are just some weirdos (alttaki anahtarliklara diyor)

Elora - Daddy a little dog got lost i saw a poster
Ben - How does it look like
Elora - It is roasted marshmallow color

Elora - Oh myyy!!! Dad is watching realistic zombie thing so I shouldn't look.
(Ben The Last of Us 2 trailerini izlerken)

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