Saturday 29 April 2023

April - 2023

 It has been so long since last time I put an etry, but this morning she cracked me so much, I right away opened blogger to write it.

I saw a dream last night about explosion on the sun and an astroid coming from sun to earth.

I told her the dream, her reaction

"Dad! How come you see these crazy dreams, mine are like finding my little ponny stuff at dollar store etc. Your dreams, "Sun exploding, chasing astroids, end of world!"

Saturday 28 November 2020


 It has been a long time since I wrote to this blog. 2020 was nothing like anyone expected. Due to pandemic, Elora is on virtual school. Staying at home just gave her crazy keyboard skills on the computer, she types faster than me probably:) 

I tried to take a note each time she says interesting/funny things, here below are the ones from 2019-2020. 

Elora - You know what, I am done with YouTube
Hande - Why?
Elora - This stupid Pocky add keeps showing up and I can`t take it anymore.

Elora - Ahhhh a bugggg!!!!!!
Me - It`s not a big deal, don`t be scared.
Elora - Well, It is a big deal if it falls in to toxic waste and becomes a giant one.

Hande - I was trying to wear matching colors when I was a kid.
Elora - Mommy, I don`t want to break your heart but I don`t like people doing that.

Me - Tombalak Yuki gel buraya
Elora - Tombalak? Hmm like ton balik? So Yuki is a tuna fish?

- When we were outside, needed a visit to washroom which was not smelling very good. She grabbed deodorant bottle and said "I am going in" like they say in SWAT movies :D

- Her friend sent her a message from whatsapp to Hande`s phone, she replied "I will call you" and made this emoji as phone at the end.🤙

- On the opening screen of Minecraft, it says "Don`t kill the dolphins you monster" and Elora said
"Yeahh, don`t do that, I have a gun and not afraid to use it"

- I gave her some rice crackers and she said "Ohh nicee, styrofoam for snacks"

Elora - Octopuses have 3 lives...Sorry hearths. (As being a daughter of gamer parents and gamer herself, she sees hearths as lives:)

We were talking about Biden and she said, "No, ben baydim"

- I received an email asking for my confirmation so that she can join a website for her homework.
Me - Elora it says your nick is Alienqueenz?(thinking it might be fake email)
Elora - Yeah, Alienqueen was taken so I added z at the end.

- One of the kids in her virtual school was bragging about her achievements and Elora said "I am like SpongeBob meme where he says No one cares" making a rainbow like him with her hands.

Elora - Daddy! Did you see that car!? Back window was full of plushies, like hundreds of them! If they brake too hard, there will probably be a plushie avalanche.

There was a song playing which had the words "Blow up my phone"
Elora - Daddy, do you know what blow up phone means?
Me - No I don`t think so.
Elora - It means getting a lot of messages or calls from someone, like my friend calling me and texting me every 5 minutes without waiting my reply.
I learned something today:) from my daughter.

Tuesday 25 December 2018

Nisan, Mayıs, Haziran - 2018

Elora - This planet is weird.
Ben - Do you know other ones?
Elora - No
Ben - Why is it weird?
Elora - Because it is sometimes hot sometimes cold.

Elora - Put on a song so I can tepiş

Ben - Afferim o kadar yol yuruduk hic foslamadin
Elora - Yeahh but my legs are melting

Ben - What are these
Elora - They are just some weirdos (alttaki anahtarliklara diyor)

Elora - Daddy a little dog got lost i saw a poster
Ben - How does it look like
Elora - It is roasted marshmallow color

Elora - Oh myyy!!! Dad is watching realistic zombie thing so I shouldn't look.
(Ben The Last of Us 2 trailerini izlerken)